Wonderful French Chateau House Plans Pictures

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Big French Chateau House Plans Pictures

French chateau house plans pictures – In addition to preserving the old elements, the strong point of the renovation and decoration was that everything new suggested the passage of time, that is, that each corner had brushstrokes from different periods, such as a house that lives throughout many years. Decades, let’s show his baggage and his history.

Thus, the couple began a search for the workshops, markets and auctions in the area, and also built some of the pieces with demolition materials, such as beds, for which Colin used old wood from the farm itself. The garden had to be completely remodeled in order to create one of the most charming spaces in the French chateau house plans pictures, designed to disconnect and enjoy a simple lifestyle.

A deep commitment to sustainability has led owners to make recycling and natural materials their banner: they have preserved everything they could from the old construction, they have made many of the furniture with their own hands taking advantage of demolition wood, and all the materials and textiles chosen are natural. The spaces open to light, which is enhanced by the use of white furniture and walls french chateau house plans pictures, some painted with lime-based pigments and others.

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