What Is A Waterproof Blanket?

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Waterproof Blanket Model

Waterproof blanket – A waterproof blanket is designed to be used outdoors in activities such as camping, picnicking, viewing sporting events, or relaxing on the beach. Typically, a waterproof material, also referred to as an outdoor fabric, has a water-resistant side and one smoother side. The waterproof side of the carpet will be placed against the wet grass on a picnic, for example, so that people can sit on the dry, soft side.

Water resistant carpets are usually made of nylon or polyester on one side and a fleece type material on the other. They are designed to be sturdy and hold up well, resist pilling or tearing. A waterproof blanket is also generally pretty cheap, although higher quality products, designed for camping and colder weather can be rather expensive.

Waterproof blanket often come with a watertight carrying case as well, to keep the carpet dry while not in use. The bag also makes carpet easier to pack up and carry when hiking or try to fit many items into a car. Conversely, some blankets also equipped with carrying straps, so it can easily be converted from a blanket in a bag, which means that it is a minor element in order to keep track of. Many are also equipped with small pockets too, to store small items.

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