Using Wearable Blanket

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Best Wearable Blanket

Wearable blanket – A “wearable blanket” is a special blanket used by a woman when she breast feeds her baby in public. Using a wearable blanket, the mother is able to breastfeed discreetly. Another product that is often used by nursing mothers is a Bopp pillow, a pillow designed to sit on mother’s lap. The child is placed on the Bopp pillow while child care, raising the baby to a position that is comfortable for the mother. Using these two products together into a comfortable and easy breastfeeding experience.

To using wearable blanket, you must sit in a comfortable seat or chair. A chair with arm rests would be ideal; however it may not be possible to find this kind of chair if you are out in public. Second, place yourself so that you will be comfortable for the duration of breastfeeding session. Do Bopp pillow on your lap, so the encircling your waist and resting on his lap.

Third, put your baby on the Bopp pillow, located next to your midsection. Place wearable blanket around your neck and place it so that they fall down your front and cover your child and your upper body.  Fourth, look through the top of the wearable blanket and put your baby to your chest while looking through the top of the carpet. Fifth, adjust the Bopp pillow so that your child is comfortably supported.  Sixth, adjust wearable blanket so that it completely covers your child and your upper body. Shift the child to other breast, repeat steps 5 and 6.

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