Tricks To Decorate Rooms With Dark Hardwood Floors

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Dark Hardwood Floors With Furniture

A few years ago the dark finishes on the floor became fashionable. Mahogany, wenge, ebony or walnut became protagonists in many houses back in the years 2000. But now you are horrified with dark hardwood floors because you notice that your house has less light and the dark wood dwarfs the spaces. Not to mention how much it costs you to combine that floor with the furniture that you like now.

If you are in this position, today’s post will be your salvation. These articles tell you how to win the game to a dark hardwood floors and have a bright and contemporary house. Firstly, on the walls, forget the color and focus on the white (or at least in very soft tones). If one of the rooms is very large, you can give color to one of the walls. But the white ensures greater light and amplitude and avoids the dreaded “impasto” effect.

If you can, paint the interior carpentry also white. It is about leaving the ground the protagonist of color, at least in the envelope. Bet on white furniture or natural wood very claritas. You can have some dark furniture for the dark hardwood floors, even black. But better if it is small and a punctual or decorative object. If you want to keep some big dark furniture or you need the sofa to have a color suffered, for example, put a light carpet underneath.

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