The Best DIY Patio Cover

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Good DIY Patio Cover

DIY patio cover is a great way to make patios more useful and protect your family and your guests from factors, whether it is intense sunlight or rain. The blanket can be built from scratch or purchased in one batch. They are made of different materials, including wood, vinyl or aluminum. You should consult the building code check at your local building institution to learn what the rules are for building patio covers in your area.

Most people with some basic technical skills can DIY patio cover. Even if you can build a standalone patio cover, one of the simplest methods is to attach structure to the wall or ceiling of the residence. Begin by digging mail holes about 12 inches wide in each corner at the front of the patio. If the patio is wider than 8 ft, building rules may require additional posts. The depth of the holes depends on the frost line of the region. Get this information from the building code check.

The best DIY patio cover, use pressure-impregnated 4-inch-4-inch timber for posts. Make holes sufficiently deep so that you can pack in three or four inches of gravel. Before pouring the quick-set concrete, check the posts with a carpenter level to ensure they are straight. Spike two by four boards on posts to span them until the concrete cures.

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