Special Egyptian Bernat Blanket Yarn

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Bernat Blanket Yarn Soft And Cozy

Bernat blanket yarn is one type of yarn used for making knitted fabrics. In general, the knitting yarn is larger in diameter than sewing thread. If likened to a mobile phone, a means of knitting it together with a cell phone, while the yarn is pulse. Therefore to knit the two things that there should be minimal; knitting needles and yarn.

In this day and age, there are many kinds of knitting yarn all. The division of knitting yarns are at least two kinds; according to the thickness or diameter of the yarns and fibers according to the material. In this article we will convey is bernat blanket yarn.

Knitting yarn according to the fiber material is divided into three main types, namely plant fibers, animal fiber and artificial fiber which are as follows: bernat blanket yarn this is one kind of knitting yarn most popular era of modern, because its properties are very suitable for the area tropical. Characteristics of this thread are to absorb sweat, soft and comfortable on the skin, do not cause allergies, as well as tend to be cold.

Type bernat blanket yarn this is a quality Egyptian cotton has the nicest, most gentle and comfortable to use. The yarn is generally large in size, with a smooth texture and fluffy, warm yarn, suitable for scarves and hats.


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