Space Blanket Ideas

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Beautiful Space Blanket

Space blanket – The effective use of space blanket is a great help to resolve emergencies in the mountains. The space blanket is a well known due to its small size and weight (80-50 gr.) Allows us to always carry in your backpack when you go to the mountain material. The thermal blanket is made of a plastic film (PET) to which the added a thin layer of aluminum one side and another gold on the opposite side. The qualities of this material are its high strength, despite its small thickness, its ability to reflect infrared radiation (heat insulation) and to prevent the passage of water and air.

Let’s see the 3 main uses of the space blanket but may also have other. These may be the possibility of signals using the reflection of the sun, using them to improve the insulation of emergency shelters, etc.

The hypothermia is the decrease in body temperature below 35 ° C. If the temperature of the environment is cold you can maintain body temperature by generating heat with physical activity. If this is not possible because the person is injured, weak or tired, you must isolate the best possible from the outside environment to reduce heat loss and not decrease its temperature. To engulf the space blanket with the silver side towards us, the heat alone (infrared radiation) is reflected thereby recover part of this.

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