Smart Tricks Diy Cabinet Refacing

Author: aslan | Categories: DECORS comments

Diy cabinet refacing – What tricks can we use to give our room or cabinet a more personal touch without having to make a large investment? Here, some tips. Do not settle for the color you find. Painting a room takes a short time and hardly costs money, you can do it yourself. Choose warm colors, play with a mixture of colors and avoid the colors that make the space darker or narrower. It favors the clarity, the good sensations and the naturalness.

Diy cabinet refacing with plants : It gives life to the space with plants and of course the plastic ones are not worth it. If you are not very good at it, let yourself be advised and put some suitable plant for the climate of your city and that does not require too much care. The large plants give great prestige, generate corners full of life and often make the most familiar sites.

Diy cabinet refacing with light: This depends on each space and we can not always count on it, but if you have a window or a balcony, show it to you. No need to vinyl or tapes with translucent stickers, or with dark and flat blinds. You can take advantage to put the plants there, to place light curtains that dress and complement the decoration.

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