Smart Hideaway Storage To Save Space

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Hideaway storage – In this new study we collected the best techniques and ingenious things that will allow you to efficiently organize things in your home. We picked up some hidden storage ideas to save space in your home. Folding retractable ironing table, hidden under a kitchen cupboard. It will undoubtedly be a true blessing for the owners of small apartments, where it is difficult to find a place to store the ironing board in an unfolded form.

Garbage containers that allow you to hide garbage containers, which are generally all ugly, and thereby improve the appearance of the area where they are located. A hanging locker equipped with a narrow hole in the bottom, ideal for hideaway storage and convenient use a roll of paper towels.

You can use wide wooden slats, to hide electrical cables, meters, etc. This will help improve the appearance of the house ! Small shelves, for your built-in kitchen. This will give more space to kitchen furniture and are ideal for storing spices, sauces and cutlery. The floor, terrace or porch, can be equipped with drawers and built-in boxes, suitable for hideaway storage a variety of items, ranging from garden tools to expensive equipment.

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