Small House Plans With Turrets Remodels

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Small House Plans With Turrets Style

Small House Plans With Turrets – Nowadays, any old building can be rehabilitation to transform it into a surprising house, and this old water tower was not going to be less, a tower that after the remodeling has become a very modern house. The water towers had a great importance in all of England for many years, but little by little they were losing prominence remaining in many cases as abandoned buildings.

Buildings that with certain arrangements can become large houses, as is the case that we bring you today, a small house plans with turrets where the design and traditional materials are mix with some more modern ones such as steel or glass. The ground floor (top left) is the hall. The first a storage space, the third the guest room that is also a playroom, the fourth is the huge master bathroom. The fifth the bedroom with a small toilet and the sixth a large space that includes a large kitchen, a living room, and a dining room.

As you may have guessed, spaces and rooms are not exactly small. In fact, I think that if the small house plans with turrets comes to acquire a ruthless constructor. Is able to take a mini-floor per floor. On the one hand, to the meticulous study of lighting that the architects made to characterize each space according to the lighting needs of each case. Because with such large rooms, if it is not well illuminate, this amplitude can be disconcerting.

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