Simple Tapered Craftsman Porch Columns

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Big Tapered Craftsman Porch Columns

In this tapered craftsman porch columns we see two planes. The first one is the sole floor of the house and the second corresponds to the roof. From this construction we love the central patio, which provides natural light. And a view of the different environments of the house. We can also see in the roof plane a patio and terrace.

The outdoor area is paint in gray and the interior in white. On the other hand, the pool is represented in blue, as it could not be otherwise. This plane is simpler than the rest. Because of the numbers that go with each zone and that work as a guide. Although this tapered craftsman porch columns is a bit more complicated and difficult to understand. This is only because the structure of this house is less conventional and more original than the rest.

The tapered craftsman porch columns show only the bathrooms and the divisions. But with numbers it specifies what each environment is. We imagine it that way just by looking at the map, right? The orientation of the photo is different from the plane. But we can observe it perfectly. The house is T-shape and has a really modern and contemporary structure. Narrow interiors but a sculptural design.

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