Very Simple Farmhouse Style Decor

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Farmhouse style decor – These last days we have focused on the decoration of the apartments on the beach with boats , shells or marine knots. But not everyone goes to the coast on vacation. There are those who prefer to enjoy nature and the outdoors . Do you have a country house? Then do not miss these deco tricks to get the most out of it and give it a very rural and country look . You do not want to leave it, we promise!

The farmhouses in the middle of the field of yesteryear were made of stone. Now they have modernized a lot, but the detail of the stone walls continues giving that rural and old air that creates magic in a farmhouse style decor. Walls of rocks in sight in bedrooms, but also in bathrooms and kitchens to get that rough and rustic look .

Another very simple way to create natural environments is with bouquets of wild flowers, freshly picked . For a house in the farmhouse style decor that is very easy, just take your hand out the window and get a handful of plants . Try not to elaborate floral arrangements too much, the wilder and sloppier the better the better.


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