Sew An Extra Large Baby Flannel Blanket

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Awesome Flannel Blanket

Flannel blanket – It is an easy blanket, but one that will last beyond the child, even the small child, years because of its size, about 40 “by 40”. Many of these have been children’s special blankness to stay with them everywhere. First, to construct a two-sided, flannel blanket, buy 1A ¼ yards of two different wipes (If you choose, you can use the same flannel for both sides and buy accordingly.) And contrasting thread color to the outer edges.

First wash and dry flannel blanket material. Stretch dragging them into shape after drying. Second, what right side together, folds the square in half and cut edges even. Folding a second time to cut these parts yet. Fold and you should have a place in the material to be sewn. Third, third Pin edges all the way around, providing an eight-inch opening on one side only to reverse.

See from an edge of the right-inch opening to the other, the? Inch nails. Fourth, cut out the places four edges turn the material right out and poke corners point with a pencil or swing tool. Iron the edges themselves. Fifth, insert one color thread in the bobbin and a different color of the machine on top. Choose a decorative stitch and sew around the entire flannel blanket.

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