Rocket Mass Heater Design

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Rocket Mass Heater Design Principles

Rocket Mass Heater Design – Many of the features brick stoves also apply to low-tech machine, the rocket stove. The rocket stove appeared only in the 1980s as a result of research to develop more efficient cooking stoves. It works by conduction and radiation using the work area surrounding to guide hot exhaust gases into the chimney. The heater itself is (usually a barrel of metal) usually small. Most of the heat is stored in the thermal mass of the surrounding masonry, from which it is gradually dissipated.

The rocket mass heater design has several important advantages over brick. They are lighter and more compact weight, besides being cheap and easy to build. Moreover, they are less efficient, should be lit regularly require more maintenance and are equally slow. So they are more suitable for heat often used in cold climates consistently spaces. In addition, the rocket stoves require long without curves timber.

Despite such shortcomings, one rocket mass heater design is still a much more efficient and comfortable common stove option. If the conditions are right and cannot afford an expensive brick stove, build a rocket stove itself is a viable alternative. However, it is worth remembering a warning from its inventor, Evans: “These stoves have not been used for so long as to determine their risk of fire, so it is best to regularly inspect the chimney.”

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