Rite Temp Heater Temperature Programming

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Rite Temp Heater Wall

Programmable rite temp heater is that the first, you have to select hot or cold by switching to this mode. Then select the correct day to change the degree heat today. After the specified day, you can click on the time slot until the appropriate time of day chosen. Finally, adjust the temperature and time.

Rite temp heater uses either the keyboard or touch screen, with temperatures seven days, four periods of time. Every day four periods are specific times can be adjusted, the right temperature for each day, and adjusted for them. Potentially, Rite Temp is programmed to adjust the 28 different temperature heats throughout the week.

Once arrangements have been made for a particular day, it is possible to copy the settings to another day. Then select the correct day with a button on. After that, press the Copy button to save the settings for that day. Rite temp heater comes pre-programmed with the recommended settings. These settings are created to be Energy Star compliance saving energy with the guidelines, to provide household electricity consumption and money. Programmable thermostat manually will override this setting. We hope this article will give you useful information.



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