Restoring Old Hardwood Floors Simple Remodels

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Restoring Old Hardwood Floors Simple

Restoring Old Hardwood Floors – Over time, the wooden floors may look worn and dull making the whole room look messy. A common method used for the renovation of wood floors is to sand them, but it can cause an excess of dust that remains on the furniture and other items throughout the house. Remove all objects from the room and vacuum to remove any dirt or debris on the wood floor.

Pass the spatula to take off anything stuck to the floor, like some gum. Place a filter with medium or fine brushes to your waxer. Use a fine grain filter on soils that are not as damaged and a filter of medium grains with those that are more damaged. Place the waxer on the end of the room farthest from the door. Turn it and light it in a straight line in the direction of the grain of the restoring old hardwood floors, heading towards the door.

Remove the mesh and turn it when necessary. Remove the screen and fold in the middle to manually sand some areas, such as the corners and against the walls, where the wax cannot reach. Vacuum the restoring old hardwood floors. Remove any traces of dust with a lint-free cloth or a pad soaked in mineral spirits. Apply a coat of varnish or a clear coat with a paintbrush or paint roller, starting again at the far end of the room and continuing work right up to the door.

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