Replace A Whirlpool Water Heater Thermocouple

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Install Whirlpool Water Heater Thermocouple

Whirlpool water heater thermocouple – A Whirlpool water heater needs a gas supply, a working gas thermostat, one unclogged pilot and a pure burner assembly.  Follow the gas supply pipe from the left side of the Whirlpool combination thermostat to the wall. Find gas main cut-off valve on the pipe. Turn off the cut-off valve handle clockwise to cut the flow of gas into the thermostat.

Turn the top of the thermostat to “Off” position. Newer whirlpool water heater thermocouple have a dial-stop to keep the gas control knob against inadvertent rotation. You must keep the disc stops to dial from. Turn the thermostat to the lowest temperature of the thermostat. Remove the outer door panel covers the thermocouple, manifold tube and pilot tube from the front of Whirlpool water heater. The panel has metal tabs that slide into slots cut into the outer metal casing of the water heater. Once removed, it exposes manifold door and burner assembly. An elderly Whirlpool gas water heater has an inner door that covers the burner compartment and burner assembly.

Turn the two screws counterclockwise to remove them from the manifold door. The manifold die remains on the water heater until you remove the tubes from the gas control thermostat. Lift the interior door that covers the burner room in an old whirlpool water heater thermocouple. Remove pilot and manifold tube from the bottom of the control thermostat by turning them counterclockwise with a wrench. Turn the thermocouple clockwise to remove it from the bottom of the thermostat. If your water heater has a push-button igniter attached to the gas thermostat, simply drag the igniter cord from the bottom of the lighter.

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