Reddy Heater 55000 Btu Instructions

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Reddy Heater 55000 Btu Ideas

Reddy heater 55000 btu – The torpedo heater Reddy R55 is often used in outdoor sites work, farms, workshops and ventilated outdoor areas that require heat. Reddy BTU heater 55000 can heat an area of just over 1,000 square meters. The fan pushes air from the stove and is blown in the direction facing the heater. Do not stand too close to the front of the device, since the heat emitted from the end of the heater can catch their clothes on fire.

Support the reddy heater 55000 btu outdoors, or, if used indoors, make sure it is not at least 3 square meters opening on an outside wall for outdoor activities near the heating for proper ventilation. The Reddy heater operates on kerosene and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in an unventilated area.

Reddy heater 55000 btu place the heater on a stable and level surface. Move the fuel elements at least eight feet away from the heater. Unscrew the tank cap the top of the fuel tank. Fill tank with kerosene and secure the lid on the tank.  Turn the thermostat knob to high if your heater is equipped with one. Locate the control knob to the back of the stove. Connect the power cord heater in an extension cord grounded three prong. Use an extension cord of 18 gauge cord lengths of 10 feet or less.

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