Popular Types Of Gas Heaters

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Types Of Gas Heaters For Commersial

Types of gas heaters – Gas wall heaters provide localized heat and a cost effective alternative to central heating, especially when only small areas of your home to be heated. Gas heating functions during an electrical power outage, and is fuel efficient. The byproducts of gas combustion, however, are toxic and can compromise indoor air quality. Becoming aware of the advantages and disadvantages of ventilated versus vent-free gas wall heaters are an important part of making safe and informed decision on how to heat your indoor space.

Types of gas heaters, Vent less gas wall heaters do not take in outside air to function, they do not vent to the outside. Because of this, one need vent less heaters do not require the construction of a chimney or flue can be less expensive than ventilated heating elements and is energy efficient. According Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance, a trading group representing vent-free gas products industry, vent fewer heaters operate at 99 percent efficiency.

Types of gas heaters, ventilated gas wall heaters draw air for combustion from the inside, but venting of toxic byproducts of combustion to the outside through a chimney or flue. They should be located in an area where a venting system already exists, or a new ventilation system must be designed. Because of their connection to a ventilation source these heaters allow heat to escape, making them less effective than vent less them. Allow heat to escape, but also allows toxic combustion gases and water vapor to be expelled to the outside, rather than inside your space.

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