Plywood Flooring Alternative Choice Material

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Plywood Flooring – Plywood, sometimes called plywood, is usually used for furniture and construction of a closet. It can also be used to create precious wood plants for a fraction of the cost of more traditional wood floors. Cutting floorboards from plywood panels is quick and easy and offers a long-lasting floor. Cut leaves 1 enough ¾ inch thick plywood, 4 by 8 feet, on floorboards to cover the floor.

Floorings can be cut to the size of your choice. Wider floorboards tend to have a less formal feel. Most plywood flooring is 3 inches wide. Cut the boards, using a table saw, cutting the path for 8-foot boards. Place the first row with the chin against the floor along the wall so that the second row overlaps the first row on the edge of the wall. Cut the first board of the second row 24 inches long.

This will cause the joints between plates to be staggered. Of the nail of the second row of the first with 5/8 inch nails finishing and a hammer, or a pneumatic brad nailer with 5/8 inch nails. Nail each row to the row before it, keeping the joints between plates as tight as possible. Separate the nails every 10 to 12 inches. Place the base plate on the wall that overlaps the edge of the exterior plywood flooring.

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