Placing A Mosaic Wall Decor

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Abstract Mosaic Wall Decor

Mosaic wall decor – Make your own individuality grant mosaic wall and colored to your kitchen or bathroom , but can be tricky, not to mention the pain back to place the tile directly on the wall. The best way to run the sunset from your kitchen wall and face the demanding task of applying mosaic tiles to the wall is to placing them in pieces mesh network fiberglass, which can then adhere to the wall parts.

Divide the design of the kitchen wall in a grid of squares no larger than a foot (30 cm) each. List them to know the order in which they will design and then cut into squares with scissors. Short square mesh fiberglass the same as the square of the design. Design extends a square flat on the work surface and place a square of glass fiber mesh top. Paste mosaic tiles using adhesive mosaic wall decor, following the design below the screen and leaving a gap of about 1/8 inch (0.3 cm) between each tile.

Place the tiles on the grid with the clamp if they are very small. Unlike common tile, the tile is held in place first with slurry, so that the adhesive is used to fix and maintain the setting tiles in place while adding slurry. Repeat for all squares design to finish the whole mosaic wall decor. Putting the kitchen wall is now complete. Remove the design behind the fiberglass mesh to not stay stuck there and place it gently on the tile to know what the sequence design pictures.

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