Perfect Northwest Craftsman Style House Plans

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Big Northwest Craftsman Style House Plans

If you are one of those who stay with the rustic style, cheer up and read this northwest craftsman style house plans. Of minimalist inspiration, the proposal manages to melt the wooden beams with the decoration of industrial air. It is a risky design in which the wooden beams are completely adapt to a very urban. And contemporary decoration to provide a point of warmth and create an equally welcoming atmosphere.

The image without decoration of the northwest craftsman style house plans allows us to appreciate in a better way and in detail the beams. which combine to match the staircase, giving an air of freshness to a house with a lot of potential. Finally we have this image that shows a terrace always well protected from the sun and also from the high temperatures thanks to a roof with exposed wooden beams that will give comfort and shade to you and your whole family, perfect by the pool!

What did you think of these northwest craftsman style house plans ideas of exposed beams at home? Because the combination is possible. And have a house with contrast of styles also. Think of exposed beams if you are about to develop a project at home.

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