Nice Painted Victorian Houses San Francisco

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Blue Painted Victorian Houses San Francisco

There are many people who currently live in Victorian homes. These impressive houses were built in a very solid way, so many of them are still in excellent condition. Inside, they are full of interesting features, including guillotine-type windows, cast-iron fireplaces or tall baseboards. Today, these original features are considered an integral part of painted victorian houses san francisco. But in previous decades, they wanted to give them modern features, replacing doors, coverings, floors and other elements, in an attempt to update them.

As you may know, the classic painted victorian houses san francisco style is characterized by the use of dark colors such as browns, deep reds and blues; but to give a slightly more modern look, we opt for softer and more pale colors that seek to capture a fresher and more modern look in the space. Neutral tones such as beige and gray are preferred in this type of decoration.

As we mentioned in the section colors dark tones took possession of almost every household items in classic painted victorian houses san francisco and that it was what happened with the tapestries wrapped rooms, but now the patterns are recreated with beige and soft metallic tones. And to give them a more classic look to the spaces, those who so wish, they can play with their own architectural details of classic Victorian style.

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