New Style Of Brick Kitchen Floor

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If you love rustic and industrial styles, there is no better element than brick kitchen floor to make it an important part of these styles. In addition to being very easy to install, it combines perfectly with all colors and materials, which is why many interior designers prefer this new style that was widely used in the nineties. And if we do not want to put in work, we can also resort to panels or vinyl brick imitation, it does not look so authentic but they are placed faster and without so much work.

The brick kitchen floor decoration was used in the bar and on one of the walls, adding a beautiful rustic touch. Modernity arrives with all this from the elements. For example, the black granite board was used, the same color as all the low cabinets. On the other hand, all appliances, faucet and air extractor are steel. You can combine it with other materials such as polished cement, porcelain or painted walls of any neutral color.

The design used to decorate this environment is very welcoming. The island was covered with bricks and the small strips of the low bakers and the oven also. The white colors of the walls and the beige of the ceramics or mosaics give harmony to the orange and red color of the brick kitchen floor.

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