Moving Heavy Blanket To Wooden Floor

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Blue Heavy Blanket

Heavy blanket – Moving heavy, bulky objects from a blanketed floor to a wooden floor can be a challenge if you do not have moving men to lend a hand. There are sliding tools available to make the task easier, or you can improvise with materials found around the house. For professional movers or home stagers, invest in the commercial moving tools a good idea, because the products will be used every day and will be cost effective to buy.

Place a heavy plastic sheeting under the hind legs of the furniture to be moved. Roll tarp under the furniture, until it reaches the front legs. Tip furniture until all four legs are on the tarp. The weight of the furniture will keep it on the tarp that you use lateral force to move furniture and tarp over the floor.  Push the furniture along the blanket until you reach the wooden floor. Invert heavy blanket samples or place potholders along the edge transition from blanket to hardwood floors on the location of the furniture legs. The blanket samples, because they are pile-down, will not scratch wood floors.

Slide furniture on the blanket samples or oven gloves on the front legs and continue to move furniture across the floor until the back legs meet the transition point between heavy blanket and floor.  Release vice versa blanket samples or the remaining two potholders the hind legs of the furniture. Continue to push the furniture until it is where you want it on the wood floor.

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