Mosaic Wall Tile Decoration

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Beautiful Mosaic Wall Tile

Mosaic wall tile bring surprising textures in the design of modern interior. The use of texture is extremely important for creating deep and unique feeling inside the house and serve as decoration for the room. The design with mosaic wall tiles is a good way to add great texture to your interior or exterior spaces creating magnificent accents anywhere. They are also a very durable material.

Mosaic wall tile, the first thing you have to do is a sketch of the drawing you want to do on the surface you have chosen. When you already have the sketch, prepare the material, grab tiles colors and textures that you have chosen and with the help of a hammer you break into small pieces, of approximately 3 centimeters. For this step would be advisable to use protective glasses by fragments of tiles that can jump to the eyes.

Having mosaic wall tile, sort the pieces in colors or textures. When you already have ordered the pieces, place them as you like above the desired surface following the sketch you’ve done. If you want a nice result leaves a gap between the tiles of a few millimeters. Once you have placed and stick them one by one, to stick them can use a tile adhesive, this part will be quite laborious. When the tiles are glued and prepares cement and fills the gaps between the tiles with cement and with the help of a rag removes excess cement that may have run over the tiles. It would be advisable for a better finished the cement is below the edge of the tile.

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