Mosaic Picture Frame With Glass

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Blue Mosaic Picture Frames

Mosaic picture frames – An easy way to decorate a wooden frame and a more personal and decorative coating it is a Mosaic picture frames. This work craft is a very simple technique that we make personal, original and unique decorations.

The first thing we do is cut colored glass. To do this, we use a ruler and glass cutter. Next, we will use the pliers to get the pieces of glass. We will be pressure and grated glass and leave. Then the glass cutter and pliers we will make smaller pieces. The size depends on the taste of each person.  In a bowl we mix the paste mosaic with water and stir with a spatula until a smooth paste. Will apply the paste on the wooden frame. Then take into account that must be done for areas as dry pasta quickly and we could not stick the colored crystals. And combining the different colors according to our tastes. When all the parts are fixed, we will cover the entire frame with the pasta. This step is important so that the joints are well fixed. The following will remove any excess paste with a damp sponge. So, we will make the glass pieces look but will be well fixed in the Mosaic picture frames.

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