Moroccan Mosaic Tile Design

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Gold Moroccan Mosaic Tile

Moroccan mosaic tile – Mosaic tile is an ancient art that has lost some of its charm in the modern era. Many people remodeling their houses or build new ones choose to mosaic part or all of their tile as an ornamental plant additive. Mosaic design can be simple or complex and may reflect the function of the room, or simply be a classic mosaic design in a modern environment.

A compass is a great way to cover an entire moroccan mosaic tile area. Do each of the compass points near the edge of the four walls and a large circular pattern in the middle. The sun, moon and constellations are good also in the center circle; other regular recordings with compass themes are the four winds usually depicted as clouds with faces blowing wind in the four directions; ships, Sexton and looking glasses or an old style world map. Sepias and muted rust fungi work well with this design to give it an old fashioned feel.

Celtic knots provides endless variations of morrocan mosaic tile design ideas. Typically, an entire tile design has a border of a more complicated knot design, while the center is a less complex pattern that complements the intricate border knot-work. You can use Celtic knots in any color scheme; But they look particularly striking when in black and white.

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