Modern Fireplace Element Decoration

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Modern Fireplace – A modern fireplace A contradiction? Fire in one of the oldest elements in homes. In fact, humanity related its idea of home, wherever it was, to the presence of the heat of a fire as a source of energy to heat up or feed itself. Even today, everyone, and most of us do not have a fireplace at home, neither modern nor old, we use the expression “to the heat of the home” since the same word means fireplace and house.

To start with this sample, a radically modern fireplace. It does not rest on the ground! Or, at least, it seems. You will look at it and watch until it convinces you. Its metallic structure has very elegant wavy lines, but as is logical in the chimneys, it is an extraordinary conductor and transmitter for the heat of its internal fire. It is undeniable that this fireplace looks more like an aquarium than anything else.

For its installation, a large quadrangular block has been generated, inside which two windows with glass from which the fire is visible are opened. This modern fireplace‚Äčis a real piece of furniture in a living room. It is a fireplace insert able in that piece of furniture that is designed to incorporate the draft or tube for the exit of the smoke. This modern fireplace is located in a living room, but due to its appearance, it could be located in a kitchen.

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