Mediterranean Style Architecture Characteristics

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Different Of Mediterranean Style Architecture Characteristics

Furnishing the house in Mediterranean style means taking inspiration from a centuries-old tradition that blends the colors of the earth with those of the Mediterranean. Enhancing the beauty of materials such as stone, white lime, wood and wrought iron. With a long history behind it, the Mediterranean style architecture characteristics have in fact originated from the need of the populations. Who inhabited the coastal areas to create environments in which they can protect themselves from the strong summer heat? While maximizing thermal insulation.

The typical Mediterranean style architecture characteristics are easily recognizable from the outside by its domed or terraced roof. And its bright-colored wooden window frames. The simplicity of the shapes also predominates inside: exposed stone walls, terracotta floors and colored tiles. The Mediterranean-style decor is characterize with the predominance of light. For this reason, the colors of the furniture always have warm colors. Or inspired by the sea and nature (light blue or deep blue).

The walls of the house, as an alternative to white, can use ocher yellow or turquoise. The surfaces are often left rough, with their imperfections, both for the plaster and for the floors. In particular, terracotta tiles or hand-decorated tiles are for the coverings. But ceramics or wooden parquet are also very common. The ceiling of Mediterranean style architecture characteristics, however, is often characterize with the wood of exposed beams.

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