Making Mosaic Table Top

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Awesome Mosaic Table Top

Mosaic table top – Who has not wanted to create their own furniture and have a personalized and unique house? Undoubtedly, the lining of table tops and furniture is a great way to renew your old furniture. In addition, this type of decoration can leave us very well priced, it is not necessary to buy new furniture, but will make special materials are needed only to give different colors and textures.

Mosaic table top, think you do not use a table and you want to renew. Then collocated good strong legs (or metal structures if a table for garden or outdoor) and a waterproof chipboard to avoid the damp and leaks. In the event that we will not use old tile and mosaic tile, first thing to do it is look that all tiles have the same thickness and with no cement in the back. To take them into pieces is very simple, it takes a rag and a hammer taps to the tiles are given.

The next step is to take the tile adhesive and mix it with water, gradually applied with a notched trowel. Then they have to take the tiles or mosaics tile and paste slowly on the mosaic table top. Yes, look for a good combination of colors and a good fit between them.

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