Make Own Mosaic Patio Table

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Retro Mosaic Patio Table

Mosaic patio table – one, Collect tile pieces of mosaic pattern. Keep broken china pieces, breaking China that you have chosen for the table, or break tiles in colors you prefer to use for the table. If you break your own porcelain or tiles, place the pieces in a plastic bag, cover the bag with a towel and break pieces of hammering bag. Two, choose your pattern. Make a paper pattern on the table, cut a piece of craft paper to the dimensions of the table you are going.

Arrange tile pieces of paper pattern to determine how many pieces you need and how they need to be placed on the mosaic patio table. Apply sealant to the table and transfer tile pieces. Follow the instructions on the mastic, use mastic to the table with trowel your start in the middle. If the table is large to work in small portions makes mastic not dry before you’ve lived tile pieces. Transfer chip pieces from a paper pattern to the table that starts in the middle and work your way outward to the tabletop is complete.

If you are using a mix of tile and porcelain, making sure pieces are fairly level by adding more mastic to thinner pieces. Let mastic dry for at least 8 hours, or as directed on the container. Grout table. Apply sealant to the table with fillers by forcing grout in the spaces between all parts of the tile. Smooth the grout with a damp towel, making sure to remove any extra grout on top of the tiles and porcelain. Let the grout dry. Last, apply grout sealer. Follow the instructions on the package, apply grout sealer and let it dry. And the mosaic patio table was done.

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