How To Make A Mosaic End Table

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Custom Mosaic End Table

Mosaic end table – An end table can make a nice companion to your chairs and sofas, as it gives a modern touch to your home. Try adding some mosaic art to the little furniture, and it can add a touch of elegance to your home decor. You do not have to spend much to redecorate your table, or you need to have special skills.

Sharpen your end table smooth with sandpaper, especially if it is old and has chunks of chipping paint. Be sure to smooth out the nicks everywhere, from the legs to the underside of the tabletop. Dry rest afterwards with a cloth. You can use any design you want on mosaic end table. This will determine the color and pattern of tiles and grout you will need later. Draw your design on the tabletop with a pencil. You can also spray paint the table with a certain color if you prefer, especially if you want it to match the color of the room you put it in.

You do not have to color the tabletop, but be sure to color table edges. Be sure to make the spray-paint in a well ventilated area and use some old newspapers downstairs so the paint will not damage the floor. Use a ceramic element or glass, and cut or break them into manageable pieces that you can use for mosaic end table design. You can use leftover tiles, too. You can get them around your house, or tile shops. While breaking or cutting tiles, wear safety goggle to protect you from debris.

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