How To Make Chain Link Fence Privacy Screen

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Decorative Chain Link Fence Privacy Screen

Chain link fence privacy screen – Enjoy your lawn and garden with romantic nights by the pool, sunbathing in the garden and outdoor exercise in privacy. A simple Privacy Screen protects you from casual spectators and bypasses while increasing the mood of your outdoor living spaces, making the most of your garden. Buy premade privacy screens of wood, brick, plastic and bamboo. But a woven screen made with recycled garden edge is an easy way to get a custom sized screen while making something green.


Measure exposed latitude width to determine the length of the chain link fence privacy screen. Curve the tape measure if necessary, accommodating curves and curves. Convert the measurement to inches. Add 3 inches and then round up to the next unit of 5 inches. For example, if the area is 3 meters long, the measurement converts to 36 inches and is rounded up to 40 inches. Cut six garden edges to the length of the exposed area.

Place the edge of the ground parallel about 1/4 inch apart. Place dummies on either side of the bar perpendicular to edge lists. Raise the top plug top with the tip of the plug so that it stretches 6 inches below the parallel edge strips. Place the end of the edge on the thimbles. Staple each strip to lock pin 2-3 times. Space clamps about 1-1 / 2 inches apart. This forms the fabric’s sharp part. Division of chain link fence privacy screen width with five finds the number of pieces of edge needed to complete the vertical part of the tissue, the weft. For example, if the fence is 40 inches wide, eight insert bits are needed.

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