How To Make Blanket Poncho

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Blanket Poncho

How To Make Blanket Poncho – To search for a coat to the latest fashion and original? I have  a good solution, learn to transform a blanket in a great poncho with accessories that give a feminine touch, yet comfortable. If you like the feeling of warmth of the blankets and want to have that same feeling when you leave the house, but also do not want to compromise on style, we suggest that in the cold season you take the blanket over transformed into a cozy poncho.

Step by step to make a blanket poncho, the first thing to do will be to double the blanket in half, and then have to cut the hole for the head. Next is to sew the rabbit hair ribbon to finish the neck just created. Then you also have to sew a decorative border at the bottom of the poncho.

Finally step to make a blanket poncho, we must make a cut at the height of the shoulders and sew two zippers. Finally, you can decorate the front of the sewing poncho 3 buttons. We already have our finished poncho, a real coat for this winter and also stylish and personal.

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