To Make A Blanket Forts

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Pretty Blanket Fort

Blanket forts – Ask your parents for permission. Let them know what items you want to use for your fort. Choose an area that is out of the way of the things that would make a big mess. Gather a few chairs and large or lightweight blankets. You can also use the back of a sofa, tables, or other furniture that is easy to use.

Place your chairs in a large circle. You do not want them crashing down on you. Use safety pins, rubber bands or connecting pins to sheets and blanket forts together. Drape the sheets and blankets on top of the chairs. Create a door. So you can easily get in and out without being separated. Leave an opening on the side of your fortress for a door.

If there is no space to leave an opening, you may need to make room for a door. Leave an opening at the front and back of your fort for an input and an output. Add a blanket and some pillows inside to sit on. Invite a friend to join as your fort is big enough. To make blanket forts as simple or elaborate as you want. Find an epic name for your fort. Grab a bite to eat in your fort.

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