How To Make Baby Cashmere Blanket

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Cashmere Blanket Ideas

How To Make Baby Cashmere Blanket – Make a cashmere blanket using old sweaters wool fabric is a thrifty recycling project. Perfect for a child, a softer lighter version can be created using cashmere sweaters. The texture of cashmere wool is not rough as normal and bends very well around a child, providing a cocoon of pleasant warmth. Insert three cashmere sweaters adult size each in two zippered pillowcases. This will prevent lint sweaters clog your washing machine hoses. Put the pillowcase and wash them in the washing machine in the hot cycle with vigorous stirring. Remove the mesh pillowcase to prevent irreversible wrinkles and dry in a hot dryer. When sweaters are dry, thoroughly clean your lint filter.

Cut into pieces and throw sweaters flat pieces for make baby cashmere blanket. Measure and cut 42 squares of 7 inches cashmere sweaters. Organize your blanket on a flat surface, the six seats for seven seats down. Place the right edge of the front row, the top square hand, a 1/4-inch below the left edge of the second. Pin the edges overlap. Zigzag stitch along overlapping edges. Connect the remaining squares of the row in the same way. Place the squares of the remaining six lines in the same way.

Next steps make baby cashmere blanket, insert the bottom edge of the top line, a 1/4-inch below the top edge of the second row. Pin edges overlapping each other. Zigzag stitch along overlapping edges. Repeat with the remaining lines in the same way. Place 1-1 / 3 yards of flannel fabric face up on the work surface. Centre blanket square top cashmere sewn on top flannel, with both sides down. There is no right way or wrong cashmere blanket up side. Pin the edges of the flannel blanket. Sew the edges covered with a seam 1/4-inch. Leave an opening 6 inches on one edge. Cut the flannel sewn around the edges. Turn right cashmere blanket for the opening by 6 inches. Hand-sew the opening, with the adjustment and stretch the edges of the wool blanket. Sew around the edge of the pool, a 1/4-inch from the edge.

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