Let’s Examine About Trestle Table

Author: aslan | Categories: FURNITURES comments

This time we are going to stop at its most aesthetic aspect and we do it by seeing all the possibilities offered by the trestle table. If at home you have to share the desk, the ideal is to use two boards (or one large) that support a drawer, this will make separation between the chairs, in addition to winning storage; to the ends, we will put the easels and there will be enough space for both.

The truth is that a table with this type of legs, is not the most comfortable to have a desktop. This type of legs is big, and therefore they take up a lot of space, so it will always be more comfortable to work with a laptop. If we still need to have the CPU under the trestle table, the most practical thing will be to have a large board, so that the trestles are more separated from each other and there is enough space for the chair and the tower.

It is also important to take into account the finish of our trestle table, we can choose it all wood , we can combine a glass envelope with metal legs or even choose a board with a tray that combines wood with a glass cloth; in the gap between the two materials we can store things or simply put on a more decorative finish.

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