Did You Know Mylar Blanket?

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Minimalist Mylar Blanket

Mylar blanket – Mylar is a polyester material or thin plastic. The reflective face of a Mylar blanket can reflect heat. When hanging a blanket Mylar reflective side up, body heat, and any other source of heat will be reflected in you. If I had to step behind the Mylar blanket, however, the blanket could fend off the heat source.

Mylar blanket became makeshift tents and clothes for refugees of Hurricane Katrina due to the insulating properties of Mylar. Such as plastic, Mylar is also moisture resistant. They are very thin and can be compressed into a very small package that fits perfectly in any survival gear, vest or jacket pocket. Allows trap heat produced by the body, being surrounded by the blanket.

The thinness of the material and the many folds necessary to make it as compact as possible, they also create a problem, the need to use both hands to open the blanket and pulled down. In a situation of cold or with an injured arm, it would be very difficult if not impossible to open, extend and then wrap around the body.  In the absence of the starting materials of the fire, a Mylar blanket can be used. Just simply a container with a portion of the pool, fill it with some flammable materials and point the container to collect sunlight.

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