What Is A Kerosene Salamander Heater

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Wonderful Kerosene Salamander Heater

Kerosene salamander heater – A salamander heater is a high-output, forced-air convection heater is usually used to heat the air in large open areas such as patios, construction sites, or workshops. The furnaces have a high-energy heat source such as a gas or kerosene flame or a high-wattage electric element contained in an open pipe. A fan is located at one end of the tube, which forces cold air into it by the heat source and out of the heated area.

A furnace or torpedo heater is other named kerosene salamander heater, the kerosene salamander heater developed in the early 1940s by the Scheu Manufacturing Company as a high-performance space heater for large areas such as warehousing, construction sites and factories. The heater was named after salamander. The heater is intended not only to be highly effective in large, traditionally difficult to heat areas but also to be easy and portable.

So simple and effective as it is, makes kerosene salamander heater pose one or two problems and dangers, the most obvious of these is the danger of fire when the oven is used in close proximity to combustible materials. When gas burners are used, the heaters also pose a lack of oxygen danger in small spaces. The instant, high output heating elements can also create a large amount of condensation in the heated area.

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