Instructions For Baby Security Blanket

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Baby Security Blanket Animal

Baby security blanket – The blankets are usually made and given away as a reminder of comfort . Many young children have a blanket favorite reinforcing them a sense of security . Any style of wool or needle size can be easily replaced when making a blanket. Choose a wool with a soft texture and hairy, or use the child ‘s favorite color you shall give it .

Practice making crochet basics as chain, single and double point to make this baby security blanket size. Make a chain of about 30 inches (76.2 cm) long. Make a double point in the third chain from the hook. Keep doing double points on each stitch. Make a chain of two.

Make a double point for each point in the width. Make a chain of two. Repeat this row until blanket measures about 40 inches (1 meter) long. Adds a sea shell stitch around the edge of the blanket. To make this stitch, five double beam points in the first stitch, skip one point, make a simple point and repeated around the entire baby security blanket.

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