Installing DIY Bed Frame With Storage

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DIY Bed Frame With Storage Full Size

DIY bed frame with storage – A simple and sturdy design for a storage bed uses cross parade pieces of wood to create cubbies, sandwiched between a base and top panel. This results in a nice stylish platform bed, with plenty of storage underneath to keep even the messiest bedroom in order. Particleboard, while not the strongest type of composite wood, can be used successfully in this application because the cross parade pieces provide more than enough support for the top platform.


Add a piece of 15-by-75-inch, one-inch particleboard to your DIY bed frame with storage. Measure 24 inches at the end of the piece of chipboard and mark a line that is 10 inches long and is perpendicular to the 75-inch edge of the board. Measure a different inch from the line and mark another identical line that runs parallel to the first one. Measure 24 inches from the second line and mark in another set of two 10-inch lines placed one inch apart. Repeat once, so there are three pairs of 10-inch lines, spaced 24 inches apart along a 75-inch side of particleboard.

Cut out the lines using a jigsaw. This will make three slots that are one inch wide, 10 inches tall and placed 24 inches apart. Place a piece of 15-by-40-inch particle board on the DIY bed frame with storage. Mark a pair of 10-inch long rows, spacing one inch apart in the middle of a 40-inch side of particleboard. Repeat with two more 15-by-40-inch chipboards and then cut out between the lines that you did on the long part of the particle board.

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