Installing Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Interest Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Armstrong luxury vinyl plank flooring is the latest big thing in DIY self-adhesive floors. The planks are designed to look like wood, but they have the easy installation of a liquid plastic mat. The self-locking planks generally do not even need a foundation, but can go over any hard, flat surface. Traffic is one of the best manufacturers of vinyl plank flooring, with rows like Allure.


Remove the trim around the perimeter of the floor with a hammer and spit. Keep it intact and set it aside. Set the first course of Armstrong luxury vinyl plank flooring beside the wall where you want to start, which connects them at the ends. Set shims between the plates and the wall, creating a gap to allow the floor to move with climate change. Set all regular planks that fit. Cut the last one, by doing it along an angle hook, and then break it along the perforated line.

Set the next course in place by pressing the edge of the shelf with a downward angle to the edge of the shelf of the previous course, pressing until they lock, then set the shelf down. Continue throughout the floor, of course, through the course. Begin each course at the opposite end of the floor as before, so that the ends of the planks do not rise. Cut the ends of each course with the razor blade if necessary. Cut the Armstrong luxury vinyl plank flooring along the length of the final course to fit the wall with a 1/4 inch gap there. Install the floor trim, using trim nails and your hammer. Trim will cover the gaps.

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