Install Metal Mosaic Tile On An Outdoor Fire Pit

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Modern Metal Mosaic Tile

Metal mosaic tile – Redecorating a common fire pit with metal mosaic tile transforms the look of your outdoor living area. Do not stop your fire pit – install mosaic tile on your outdoor tables, flower pots and fountains for a colorful and creative way to spruce up your patio and garden decoration.

Clean the fire pit and turn it upside down. Remove any soot or dirt from the outside of the fire pit, so you can start tiling on a clean surface. Because the fire pit is the head, the rim is now at the base and rest on the surface of your work table. Scrape off the top of the thin set with the jagged edge trowel. It will give the metal mosaic tile to cling better to the adhesive as it dries. Press metal mosaic tile firmly in thin set.

Turn the fire pit again and tiles around the edge (this section rested on the tabletop as you tiled bulk of the fire pit). Let the glue dry. Turn the fire pit again and apply grout to the cracks between the metal mosaic tiles. Remove excess grout with hot water and a sponge before the grout has a chance to dry on the surface of the tiles. Apply grout sealer to the tiles in your outdoor fire pit after the grout is completely dry. This will protect the joints against humidity and stains.

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