Ideas To Paint Houses With Red Doors

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Awesome Houses With Red Doors

Houses with red doors – A front door of a red house makes it seem cheerful and welcoming to passers-by, and it increases the appeal for homes for sale. As with any painting project, proper preparation makes working with an intense red color as easier and makes the attainment of an impressive final result more impressive, too. Remove all hardware from the door with screwdrivers. Remove the table knobs, doorknocker and strike. Remove weather stripping if possible. If you cannot remove the weather strip, use masking tape or painter’s tape to cover it.

If your houses with red doors contain window panes or side lights, remove excess glass using a single edged razor blade or utility knife, noting the enamel below the frame. Scrape the enamel, taking care not to cut the frame. You may have to employ the use of a paint remover or commercial solvent such as denatured alcohol to clean the door of all the enamels. Put masking tape or painter’s tape around the windows.

Clean the door. Fill a bucket with warm water and add a cap or two of mild detergent to create foam. Immersion rags in the bucket, then wipe them on the surface of the door to remove dirt, debris or fingerprints. If the houses with red doors is very dirty, clean the door with rags soaked in denatured alcohol. Let the door dry completely.

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