Ideas For Paint Dorm Headboard

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Good Dorm Headboard

A dorm headboard makes a bed look complete and adds a sense of legality to a bedroom. But in some bedrooms there is no room for a bed frame with an attached headboard. An alternative to a real headboard is to paint one directly on the wall behind your bed. Not only will this give your bed the appearance of having a headboard, but a painted headboard is an unusual feature and a conversation starter. With a free weekend and a few simple supplies, you can paint a headboard on your bedroom wall.

Sort through images of headlines online to get an idea of ​​the shape you want to paint. Dorm headboard is built in many different designs; choose one that fits the style of your bedroom. Sketch the headboard with pencil on the wall behind your bed. . The headboard must be as wide as your bed frame. Draw a ruler or scale to keep your lines straight. Paint over the outline of the headboard with a dark brown acrylic paint. Your lines must be straight and sharp for a realistically occurring headquarters. Allow the paint to dry for 12 hours.

Fill the main area with brighter brown paint. You can use more tones of brown here to create a wood grain like look. Allow the paint to dry for 12 hours. Paint in any shadow or final lines with dark brown paint to finish headquarters design. Now it’s time to add details as well. If there is carved design on your chosen dorm headboard, paint them in the dark brown paint. Allow the paint to dry for 12 hours.

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