How To Wear Stadium Blankets

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Stadium blankets – enjoying an outdoor event can be difficult if the weather is cold, windy or otherwise uncomfortable. One way to make your experience pleasant is to use a stadium blanket to protect you from the weather. To get the most use out of a stadium blanket, you should ensure that you are properly positioned on it and get it tightly wrapped around you. You will need the stadium blanket or large blanket.

Wearing a stadium blankets, Spread stadium blanket flat behind your seat. Fold the edges or leave enough slack so you can reach the edge of the carpet. Sit down on the rug; pull it around your shoulders. Make sure you are centered on the carpet. Grip an edge of the carpet. Pull the stadium blankets tightly around your body, and make sure your shoulders are covered. Tuck the edge of the carpet under your opposite armpit.

Grip the other edge of the carpet. Pull the curtain around your other shoulder, and then secure slipped over your shoulder. The weight of the stadium blankets will keep it tight and secure. Tips and Warnings to wear stadium blankets. If you do not have access to an actual stadium blanket, all large rugs will do.

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