How To Make Valances For Kitchen Windows Ideas

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How To Make Valances For Kitchen Windows Unique

How to make valances for kitchen windows are also called cafe curtains, as they originally inspired by awnings draped over sidewalk cafes. The awning curtains are placed on top of a window in a manner similar to a curtain coat, just without ruffles.


How to make valances for kitchen windows with measure the width of the kitchen window. Make 1/8 inch marks on the bottom and upper edges of the fabric with the tailor’s chalk. Put the fabric rectangle on the front of the table and fold the ends of the fabric over.

Fold the ends back as an accordion, an angle of 6 inches in the bottom untouched, and go straight to the hem at the top. How to make valances for kitchen windows will look like a wide jacket lapel before sewing and cutting it. Top stitch 1/4 inch from the fold and cut away excess fabric. Rotate both long sides to 1/4 inch, and sew them in place, using a long trunk stitch on the sewing machine, to finish the edges of the fabric. Turn the long sides back, 3 inches this time, and use a medium stitch on the sewing machine to finish the curtains of the curtains.

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