Homemade Redneck Pool Heater Solar Panel

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DIY Redneck Pool Heater Ideas

Redneck pool heater – You can keep your pool a comfortable temperature for the entire swimming season with a solar panel or you can just use it to increase the effectiveness of your traditional heaters. Either way, a solar panel is easy to build. Line up half of the joints PVC T-shaped next to each other in a row and match a few short straight PVC pipe refuges.

The next step of redneck pool heater is cementing the joints of the pipes with PVC cement. Add a PVC pipe in the right end of your range of T joints and cap left end with a common agricultural policy. Repeat steps 1 through 3 with the other half of the joints T. Low rows of T joints facing each other so the bodies of the T pointing towards each other and the caps are on opposite sides of the collector. Run longer PVC pipe from one row to another, connect the bodies of Ts. Cement them in place.

Wrap plumbers tape around the threads of a connector and screw into the production of a water pump. Slide the PVC pipe at one end of the solar water heater in the connector and secure it together. Install solar panel redneck pool heater in the filtration loop, connect the pump on one side and PVC pipe on the other side of the pool.

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