Great Nantucket Style Homes Architecture

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Big Nantucket Style Homes Architecture

In our country, the architecture of today is the result of years of evolution. And fusion between different styles. And trends thanks to the great diversity of cultures that interact in our territory. With a well-defined indigenous architecture. The most modern styles have been incorporate little by little into nantucket style homes architecture, presenting modern. And then, contemporary proposals as we see today in large buildings or family homes.

In the case of the facades, the architecture of these fronts must adapt to our climate. Culture and also current situation, taking into account the materials . And style to be project according to the tastes of the client.  The interior of the nantucket style homes architecture is design of wood. Both in the floors as well as the walls and ceilings. The simple furniture and dining room complements the minimalist decoration.

As we have seen in the plans, both the living room. And then, bedroom have a terrace of approximately 1.10 meters wide. These are located on both sides of the house. And are protect by the flow of the roof. Thinking about the security and protection of the interior of our home is essential when designing nantucket style homes architecture, with the perimeter wall being the first face seen from the street. And, therefore, the letter of presentation of our home.

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